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Downright December

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy™

December’s rush to the holidays.

Xmas is 23 days away. Hanukkah, sooner than that.

Here we go. Can you feel it?

Tick Tock. The calendar pages are turning like a tornado blowing through a paper factory.

December is a nitro burning funny car with tinsel and a star.

Vroom Vroom.

On your mark, get set, Deck the Halls, whatever that means.

Black Friday is a memory. Cyber Monday is a mirage.

While financial gurus and e-commerce experts splice and dice the results, the tidal wave of the holiday rush moves forward.

It’s like a yule time mud slide on a Southern California mountain.

It’s a frosty freeze of nativity in a Pacific Northwest deluge.

It’s a Southern Fried gift exchange where calories don’t matter.

It’s a Rocky mountain ribbon rapping.

It’s a Big Apple sale blizzard where everything must YO YO YO.

Hey America. Happy Holidays.

Now it’s on like Donkey Kong. 10% off.

Shopping. Presents. Xmas Trees. Dynamic Decorations. Multiple MailBox meetings.


December is cold but the holiday season is heating up.

Days are short, but the laundry list of things to do long.

Xmas morning signals the end of this frantic race.

It culminates in happy faces rushing down the stairs, tearing gift paper off boxes of toys and sweaters that nobody wants.

The question is can you get to the finish line in one piece?

Santa has been doing it for a millennium, and even he still breaks out into a sweat.

This year just feels rushed, and even more commercialized than ever.

Is it me, or did Christmas commercials begin the week before Thanksgiving.

This should be the best time of the year. Most times it is.

But sometimes December feels like a Zumba class with no clothes and a bad beat.

Get the tree, deck the halls, hang the stockings, wrap the gifts, bake the ham, mail the boxes, send out the cards, spike the nog.

Oh yeah.

Happy Birthday Jesus.

There are 3 weeks to go.

Take a deep breath and get on it.

On your mark, get set, CELEBRATE!


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