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Week 1: Twas the first week of Christmas and my true love said to me “can’t find nothing good to watch on the TV”.

Have you noticed how just before Christmas the quality of TV programmes drops dramatically! if it is possible to reduce the quality.  Read More

Week 2: Twas the second week of Christmas my true love said to me “Christmas lights not working, don’t forget the crackers and who’s nicked the fairy off the Christmas tree”

The madness that is Christmas has begun in earnest with women turning from peaceful law abiding citizens into foaming at mouth deranged psychopaths. Read More

Week 3: Twas the third week of Christmas my true love said to me, roast beef for roasting, boiling ham for boiling, crackers for pulling and Christmas cake with brandy ice-cream.

Most of the above you never see the rest of the year, come Christmas if you do not have these panic sets in, and it become a quest of the utmost importance to get them, why? Read More

Week 4: On the forth week of Christmas my true love said to me, two vodka slammers, four whisky chasers, six southern comforts and please pass the sick bucket quick.

Why do we inflict this amount of abuse on our bodies every Christmas?

Eating combinations of food that at any other time of year you would never in your wildest dreams think of putting together. Read More


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