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Check out what some of the top comics have to say about family, life, poetry, sausages and much much more.

Drunk History Anthony Head Joe Lycett
Peep Show

Interview with David Mitchell & Robert Webb for the last ever Peep Show

C4 Brand new comedy Crashing, which centers around Property Guardians in a massive disused hospital 

“What’s the average weight of a cloud?” Paddy asks the question but who knows the answer?

Man Down series 2

Greg explains the day that things really go well for Dan is the day that the show will come to a conclusion.

Let's hope they never go well!

Chris tell's us that he never had the chance to say goodbye, and that it was a chance to go back to doing what he loves.

Grampy’s occasional ‘acid flashbacks’ give you an indication of where his head is at.

Caz Moran gives the lowdown on channel 4's  comedyRaised By Wolves

When Scotty sees Yvonne, it’s love at first sight. But as love turns to obsession, Scotty’s life spirals out of control. Letitia explains why she feel in love with her character.

Julie Hesmondhalgh played one of the most universally loved characters in Coronation Street, she explains what made her take on a totally different role in the new C4sitcom Cucumber.

When the writer Frank Cottrell Boyce was asked to name Russell T Davies’ greatest contribution to British television drama, he replied simply “Saving it from extinction.” 

Tofu Benjamin Cook

Russell T Davies writes very good sex. I mean, he writes very good everything. But he understands that sex – at its best, at its most disastrous Read More

Rob Delaney (comedian and bestselling author) and Sharon Horgan (award-winning actress and star/co-writer of Pulling) have been commissioned to write and star in a new series for Channel 4 called Catastophe.  Rob gives us the low down on the new show.

Rafe tells us he had never previously seen Black Mirror and he will not be getting his privates out again for show business. 

Matt gives us an insight into where he got his inspiration for the Toast of London.

The Malones, from Manchester, give us an insight into the other side of TV.

Sara tells us who her comedy dream team would be.

Jason explains that he would like to cast Johnny Vegus as a serial killer.

Channel 4’s new romantic comedy, Scrotal Recall, is about sex, STIs and the show’s surprisingly tender look at the trials and tribulations of finding ‘the one’.

Tom Houghton, Charlie Granville, Matt Grant, Tom Livingstone and Sam Pacelli give us an insight into their world.

Distant heirs to the throne, siblings Georgie and Poppy Carlton give us a peek into their polished perspective…

A brand new singing game show hosted live by Alan Carr on Channel 4. But this is a talent show with one significant difference.

Stewart Lee tells us about the new series.

Adam reveals all about celebrity feuds staying impartial, and how he would compare in the Channel 4 15 to 1 series. 


Ricky Gervais and where his inspiration for Derick comes from.

Ricky Gervaisexplains that just like Derek everyone's lives are full of both comedy and tragedy.

John Robins

John chats to us about food and My Space or rather deleting My Space.

Lloyd Langford

Lloyd gives us an insight on what it is like to have Rhod Gilbert as a landlord.

Lucy Porter

Lucy chats to us about family, life on the road and Richard & Judy.

Micky Flanagan

Micky explains that it is all about the sausages.

Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is back. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s not easy to describe.

Paul Foot

Paul takes us into his unique world of comedy.

Paul Tonkinson

Paul gives us an exclusive on a sitcome he's working on.

Rhod Gilbert

Rhod enlightens us about his infamous Battenburg tattoo. 

Russell Kane

Russell chats about Smallness, Smokescreens, Castles, and explored Englishness.

Terry Mynott

Terry explains  “I’d rather be at home with a slice of Battenburg cake watching Antiques Roadshow than out being rock’n’roll.


Tim Key

Tim explained to the Chuckle that his poetry is not deliberately bad, it is his guilty pleasure.

Tom Stade

 Tom tells us who makes him laugh.


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