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A cheeky little amuse bouche of what rib-ticklers are coming up on Channel 4 in 2015


Rob Delaney (comedian and bestselling author) and Sharon Horgan (award-winning actress and star/co-writer of Pulling) will write and star in new series Catastophe. It's a 6 x 30 comedy following an Irish woman (Sharon Horgan) and an American man (Rob Delaney) who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London.

Prod co: Avalon Television

Raised by Wolves

Raised By Wolves is written by bestselling author and award-winning columnist Caitlin Moran with her sister Caroline Moran. Set on a Wolverhampton council-estate, it’s a is a modern day re-imagining of Caitlin and Caroline’s childhood – loads of kids, no money, home-schooled, and educating themselves on a bounty of books, films, TV and pop music.

Prod co: Big Talk Productions

Time Crashers

A group of celebrities are about to press pause on the 21st century and crash through history to face challenges like no other in this immersive new entertainment show. Stripped across a single week, each programme will find eight celebrities waking up somewhere in Britain, having “crashed” into a different time from the past. In each era, the eight brave celebrity contributors will have to assimilate fast to perform well in the respective challenges as, at the end of the week, only one can be crowned the ultimate Time Crasher.

Prod co: Wall to Wall Media

Morning has Broken

Morning has Broken, both written by and starring Julia Davis, will go to series in 2015. The series will see Davis take on the lead role of Gail Sinclair, the 'Queen of Daytime' of Good Morning... with Gail Sinclair. After eight glorious years of high ratings and winning awards, things begin to go wrong for Sinclair when the programme begins to lose viewers and tensions break out within the production team.

Prod co: Brown Eyed Boy

Chewing Gum 

Tracey and her mates are in their early twenties, living in an estate in Tower Hamlets, east London. Some of them have full time jobs, some are in uni, some are already parents. But really - they are all stuck. Stuck in their youth and still trying to coast through their days with minimum responsibility. Future plans don’t extend much beyond saving up for the latest pair of trainers, a new car, or a Cambodian Weave. They live in the moment.

Prod co: Fremantle Media

Toast of London, series 3

The comedy sees Matt Berry play Steven Toast, an eccentric actor with a chequered past who spends more time dealing with problems off stage than performing on it. The supporting cast includes Doon Mackichan, Robert Bathurst, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Harry Peacock.

Prod co: Objective Productions

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