Comedy Fringe 2017

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5th-26th Aug: Cally Beaton
VENUE: Just the Tonic at the Grassmarket Community Project, 86 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2QA

Forty something years into a lifetime of looking great but feeling fake, newcomer Cally Beaton is ready to come out about her double life in her hilarious brand new stand up show. 

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Cally Beaton

2nd -22nd Aug: Dan Antopolski 
VENUE: Assembly Studio Five, George Square, EH8 9LH

Dan Antopolski returns to stand-up, seven years after his seventh solo show. Okay, sevens; so what? I’ll tell you so what! Science has it that all the cells in your body regenerate over seven years so technically this is a completely new dude, reluctantly eligible for Best Newcomer. Do you believe in Chakras? 

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Dan Antopolski at the fringe

2nd - 22nd Aug: Ed Byrne
VENUE: Assembly George Square Theatre, George Square, EH8 9LH

Ed returns to the Fringe this year with a show called Spoiler Alert. He says; “I originally intended to call the show “I’ll Millennial You in a Minute”, but my promoter considered the title “off-puttingly baffling”. That’s my own chainsaw in the photo, by the way”.

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Ed Bryne

2nd - 28th Aug: Hyprov
VENUE: Assembly George Square Theatre, George Square, EH8 9LH

2017 sees the return of their mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, side-splitting sensation. Four to five volunteers whittled down from the audience, hypnotised into a deep sleep, their inhibitions vanished, their minds no longer their own. Cue one of the world’s leading improvisers to steer the hilariously ad-libbed antics for the next 70 minutes and a smash hit is born. 

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Hyprov at the fringe

Picture credit: Aaron Cobb

2nd - 27th Aug: Mark Thomas
VENUE: Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, EH9 1PL

Few could have anticipated the events of 2016, and even fewer seem to know where they will lead us or where we are going. But fear not! Mark Thomas sets out to discover what the future has in store for us by collecting and examining his own predictions and those of his audiences before literally taking a gamble on their outcome. 

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Mark Thomas

Picture credit Jane Hobson

03 -28th Aug: Mary Go Nowhere
VENUE: Studio One - Assembly George Square Studios, George Square, EH8 9L

Mary Go Nowhere is an absurdist take on trying to get by as a parent in LA, where if the droughts, fires and earthquakes don’t get you, your fellow parents will. Mary’s 3 year old son curses, carries a gun and brings spiders to school. 

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Mary Go Nowhere at the Fringe

4th - 28th Aug: Princes of Main
VENUE: Bedlam Theatre, 11 Bristo Place, EH1 1EZ

2017 has been a bad year — personally, politically, and particularly for sketch trio Princes of Main. Following two madcap Fringe runs, these whip-smart idiots return to do the impossible: resetting the clock to give their audience (and themselves) a chance at redeeming this awful year by throwing Edinburgh’s biggest and baddest New Year’s Eve party. 

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Princes of Main at the Fringe

Picture credit: Atri Banerjee

2nd-28th Aug: Shazia Mirza
VENUE: Billiard Room - Gilded Balloon, Teviot, 13 Bristo Square, EH8 9AJ

A show about lies and truth (or is that the same thing?), nudity and the periodic table, these things hold the key to the future. How much do you wear? What do you look like, and will they let you in? Oh, and don't you dare wear more than dental floss on a French beach.

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03rd - 27th Aug: Sunil Patel
VENUE: Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, The Attic, 38 West Nicholson Street, EH8 9DD

Highly overlooked last year, Sunil is back in full force, Titan-like, as he looks at how, in an increasingly depressing world, he is actually doing OK. In a life not too dissimilar to Jay-Z’s, he can afford to mess about a bit: he has no kids, no responsibilities, he’s moved into a tax bracket and he’s taken up badminton. Still, there’s always room for self-improvement. Oh, and a chance that robots might take over the world.

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Sunil Patel at the Fringe

 Picture credit: Rob Greig

02nd - 28th Aug: Tom Skelton
VENUE: Daisy - Underbelly Med Quad, Medical School, Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG

Join visionary character comedy maverick and registered blind bloke Tom Skelton on a wild and surreal gallop through the history of blindness and the story of losing his own sight.
The most famous VIPs (Visually Impaired People), from Samson to Stevie Wonder, come to life to tell their own tales in this blindingly riotous one-man romp. The ‘must-see’ show of 2017!

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Tom Skelton

Picture credit: John Cairns

03rd - 27th Aug: Who's Line is it Anyway?
VENUE: Music Hall, Assembly Rooms, 54 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LR

Hosted by Clive Anderson, many of the original cast members reunite in this live incarnation of the legendary improvisational TV smash hit. The iconic Whose Line Is It Anyway?, devised by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson, was one of the biggest (and, in some people’s opinions, the best) TV shows of the late 80’s and 90s, later repeating its success in America with new versions on ABC and the CW network.

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Who's line is it at the Fringe

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