Hello and welcome, if you have made it here I can only assume that you have my CV I hope I can pursued you I am the right candidate for you.

Here you will find a small sample of the designs I have created these have all been used in print which I have hard copies of, I have contact names and numbers of the clients all of who are happy to chat about the designs, the service they received and the results they had through my work.  

I have also designed a couple of websites www.thechuckle.co.uk  www.revitastyle.co.uk and www.acpropertymain.co.uk please take a look.

I have published over 20 magazines most of which I have in hard copy should you wish to view them.  

Kindest Regards
Nicola Kay Cook

Tel: 01633 904342 / 07526572740
Email nosportnicky@hotmail.co.uk

Published Advertisements  

Here are some of the adverts I have designed, on some I had to recreate the logo as the client did not have a copy, this can be seen on the Car Yard, Bernie's, Garnish Cymru, Morgan's Autobody Repairs, UPVC Centre, South Wales Service Centre, and Help South Wales. 

A5 half page adverts 

A5 quarter page adverts 

A5 full page adverts 

Published Articles  

Here are some of the articles I have published all of the information I sourced, carried out the interviews, and designed the layout, all of the design work is my own with the exception of the Costa Coffee advert and some of the logos which the clients provided.

I have established good relationships with several comedy agents, some TV channels and venues which I still receive material from for my website www.thechuckle.co.uk