Monday, today I am working with man on a painting job, my job is to sand and scrap all the old paint off a fire escape stairway, could it get more exciting well actually yes as the fire escape stairway is attached to a bakery and what do you find in a bakery? 

correct cakes lots and lots of cakes, I feel I have died and gone to heaven but after a salad roll and a banana (healthy option) I forget about the cakes and submerge myself in the job at hand, stairway striped and bits of black paint everywhere including where the sun never shines, I head home and run a hot bath, while wallowing in said bath I suddenly realise I did not have a single cake, this puts me in a bad mood for the remainder of the afternoon and I have to have several chocolate biscuits to try and soften the blow.  

In the evening man and I go for a walk and drop into the local for one, the weather is changing and it is dark when we get there so as we have not brought the torch we do only make it the one, I do not know if it was that or the weather but I am then up all night with what feels like a water infection, I get up around 4am and take some tablets and head back to see if I can get some sleep when I hear man coughing and spluttering down the stairs, between the both of us I think a gun would be the only solution.

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