Tuesday, and again I am working with man, today come hell or high water I am having a cake. 

We start the day with a bacon and sausage roll and a coffee as all proper trades do, I then start painting the fire escape I stripped yesterday and the paint is like tar so it is heavy going, I somehow manage to drop the paintbrush on the flat roof and as I reach through the bars of the railings I realise these are railings I have just painted I now have black gloopy paint all up my left arm, never mind this matches the fact my hands are covered in it. 

I get a good section done while man and the two others are standing around trying to look busy just like council workers, we stop for lunch and paint + roll is feed into my stomach (I hope the paint is not lead based knowing man it is), lunch time over and black clouds descend I manage to get a little more done before the heavens open and it is lashing down, only one thing to do when this happens put the kettle on, I then remember cake and before I can forget cake I head into the bakery and purchase cake one for each of us we are now standing under a makeshift tarpaulin drinking tea covered in cream, in the rain, my husband announces that his cake is dry and before he can complain any more I have ripped it out of his grasp and swallowed it whole, there problem solved.  

With rain stopping play I head home and try and scrap the paint off my arm and hands before college, I do not do a bad job well that is until I get to college and put my glasses on, I can then see all the bits I have missed, but as the class is so engrossed in increasing and decreasing percentages I think I have got away with it.


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