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Dudley Stuart John Moore, CBE was born on the 19th April in Hammersmith London an English an actor, comedian, musician and composer, Dudley started his career as one of the four writer-performers in the comedy revue Beyond the Fringe in 1960 from here he collaborated with Peter Cook to write the TV series Not Only… But Also, they also co stared in the film Bedazzled, he worked with Peter on several other projects until the mid-1970’s

At this time Moore was living in Los Angeles and was looking to break into the movie scene which he managed to do prolifically with hit films such as 10, Arthur and Foul Play which he stared alongside Goldie Horn and Chevy Chase. 

He stated in an interview that highlight of his career was staring in the Tesco commercials which saw Dudley trying to catch Chickens.

Dudley was know as a ladies man which earned him the nickname “The Sex Thimble” but “Cuddly Dudley” was the nickname often used by the press.

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