Give in to Give Out Girls:  

Brand new sitcom for Comedy Central starring some of the UK’s rising female stars of comedy 

Give out Girls

Cast includes: Kerry Howard, Cariad Lloyd, Miranda Hennessy,  

plus Diana Vickers in her First TV Acting Role 

Premiering on Comedy Central this autumnGive Out Girls is a 6x30 min series from Big Talk Productionsthe producer of BAFTA Award winning comedies Him & Her: The Wedding, Rev. and two series of Comedy Central’s first ever narrative comedy, Threesome 

The cast of Give Out Girls includes a host of standout British comedy talent including BAFTA-nominated Kerry Howard (Him & Her)Cariad Lloyd (Cardinal Burnswho was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2011, Ben Bailey Smith AKA comedian and rapper Doc Brown (Law and Order: UK), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Friday Night Dinner)Miranda Hennessy (Pramface) and Alex Carter (Hollyoaks), along with X-Factor finalist Diana Vickers in her first ever TV acting role.   

Who are those girls at the station first thing in the morning, dressed in ridiculous outfits and fixed, cheery smiles, giving out stuff you don’t want?  They are the promo girls whose job it is to try and force you to drink ‘Nectarino - the taste of sunshine in a bottle!’,  or convince you to buy dubious clip-on hair extensions that make you look like a badger. They are part of the landscape of modern Britain and coming to a TV near you… 

Give Out Girls is a fresh and bitingly funny sitcom about the stories and secrets of a gang of four girls, two guys and their boss who work in the world of promotions. Being ignored or verbally abused is just part of the job for these girls as they vie to become the all important top seller of the day. Give Out Girls follows the team as they are let loose flogging dodgy goods in even dodgier locations, whilst injecting as much mischief into the day as they can to make it pass as quickly as possible. 

The lovable team is headed up by the quite unlovable Debbie, (Tracy-Ann Oberman); pretentious,  narrow minded and a nightmare bossMarilyn (Kerry Howard) is the linchpin of the group, rapidly nearing 30 and getting a bit old for this game. Gemma (Diana Vickers) is young, eager and not yet jaded like the rest of the bunch although her constant upbeat positivity sometimes makes the others just want to club her to death with a mini bottle of shampooFellow promo girls include Zoe (Miranda Hennessya passive-aggressive, self-loving dancer from New Zealand and Poppy (Cariad Lloyd) who has her own unique way of looking at the world; she loves booze, partying and boys, in no particular order.   

Give Out Girls was written by The Last Chancers’ Tony MacMurray and Hatty Ashdown, a fast-rising talent in stand-up comedy, who used her own experiences in the world of promotions as plentiful source of inspiration  

Big Talk Productions multi award-winning producer, Kenton Allen, executive produced  the series, alongside BAFTA award-winning Robert Popper of Popper Pictures. The series was produced by Jim Poyser (Shamelessand directed by Chloe Thomas (Horrible Histories). 

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