When Scotty sees Yvonne, it’s love at first sight. But as love turns to obsession, Scotty’s life spirals out of control.

Tell us a bit about the character that you play.

Scotty…I love her. She is a good soul. She is good fun and a laugh, but she wears her heart on her sleeve a lot. She is best friends with Dean (played by Fisayo Akinade), and is a simple soul but when she falls in love she falls really hard - and I’d say she does that a lot.

What do you think Banana has to say in terms of modern love?

Everything! It puts it out there. It’s not just one type of love, heterosexual, bisexual for example – it’s different. I think by doing a full 360 of these relationships it comes back to one thing – it’s the way we express ourselves, the way we love. It comes back to this one universal understanding of love that we can all get from each character.

What’s it like to be involved in Russell T Davies’ new series?

I wasn’t familiar in terms of his work – which I am very ashamed of! But I think this allowed me to go into the audition and just do my best. I feel very proud to be part of this as it’s not very often that people who create a show say ‘thank you’ at the end of a scene, or say ‘I loved it’. Russell did that. He would just text at the end of the day or at the read-through. I’m ashamed I didn’t know his work before, but now I do it’s even that bit more special.

Why should audiences tune in?

Because we worked really hard on it [laughs]. It’s a nice reality of life and love from different spectrums - and it’s funny, absolutely hilarious. I think people should watch it as it gives you something different. We’re all just people falling in and out of love and friendships, and it’s just a good show. It’s quality TV. That’s why you should watch it.

You can catch Banana on E4 Thursday's at 10pm

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