Not Safe For Work


An accomplished policy advisor, reluctantly relocated from Whitehall to Northampton as part of the public spending cuts. She’s a mercurial and complex young woman. Haunted by the traumatic collapse of her marriage, she often finds herself escaping into her work. She’s passionate about what she does, helping people who need it most.

Katherine not safe for work


The head of the Immigration Pathway, having mysteriously jumped several pay grades. He’s an unpredictable, perma-wasted chancer, who has allowed his colleagues to believe he’s a devout, knowledgeable Muslim, but deep down he’s a lost boy in need of some serious guidance.

Danny not safe for work


An experienced human resources manager, sent in to appraise the Immigration Pathway’s productivity and cut jobs. She’s a woman just about holding it together, practically always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This is due to her managing the pressures of work with a volatile wild child son at home and the almost complete breakdown of her relationship with her daughter.

Jeffries not safe for work


A smart, very capable civil servant with a penchant for controlling women. He’s a romantic at heart, but his dreams of one day building a home and a happy family are continuously trampled on by his kryptonite Katherine, with whom he has a dysfunctional ongoing on/off affair.

Anthony not safe fro work


An administrator who has literally never left Northampton. She’s very naïve. She’s a ball of energy with a relentlessly sunny disposition that hides a profound vulnerability.

Jenny Not safe for work


An eager and impressionable young civil servant. He’s not particularly good at his job, but he’s well-meaning. Unfortunately this is more often than not to his detriment as people tend to take advantage of his good nature.

Nathaniel not safe for work


Danny’s feisty PA. She’s a terrible influence on Danny, forever leading him astray on binges in her own inimitable quasi-maternal / quasi-sexual way.

Angela not safe for work


The minister’s closest advisor. She’s sent in from London to scrutinise the team’s policy plans. She’s a fiercely ambitious career woman with no real interest in pursuing a fulfilled personal life. Estranged from her mother, Martine has learnt over the years to suppress any signs of emotional weakness and as such presents a rather convincing steely, no-nonsense exterior.

Martine not safe for work

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