You start your new tour ‘Broken’ in October, what can fans expect? 

it’s what I normally do, just a bunch of funny stories that end up making me look like a pr*ck. But we all end up looking like pr*cks eventually. Am I right guys? Guys?

Just an observation on your website, the background image looks strangely like David Cameron is there any connection?  

DOES IT? Bloody hell! I’ll have to get that changed. There is no connection at all I promise!

Having had such success with “Hebburn” both by ratings and winning the Royal Television Society award do you have any plans to write another sitcom?

Yes, I’ve got about 8 scripts on the go at the minute, it’s madness round here! 

If you wrote another sitcom and could cast anybody who would you cast, in what role, and why? 

I’d love to see Johnny Vegas playing a serial killer. I think he could do it really well, but with enough comic touches to make each murder hilarious. Hang on… that’s just given me an idea…

Did Vic Reeves survive the drinking session in Newcastle with the rest of the Geordies? 

we have all promised that we won’t talk about what went on that night, who didn't make the distance, what got smashed or how we got home. Or where that horse came from.

Who or what makes you laugh? 

People. People doing things that undercut everything they say or do. Like when my lovely demure wife breaks wind by accident and apologizes.

How did you get from a career in the merchant navy to comedy?  

My mate was doing a stand up competition, I went along to support him, I had no idea comedy clubs even existed back then. As soon as I walked in I was hooked.

Where has been the strangest place you have performed? 

A prison. Terrifying. Not a gig you can say you’re ever really relaxed at.

What job would you most like and what job would you most hate?

Would love to be a mattress tester. Imagine that, getting out of bed to go to work and lie in bed. Perfect. Job I’d most hate would be a teacher, because, worst case scenario, I can always give one of my hecklers a slap. Do that ina  school and you’re in bother. 

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