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Steven Bushpilot

Myself and my wife went to Australia last year for the very first time to visit family. Australia, the land of endless sunshine and adventure.

We landed in Perth during the wettest September for 42 years and still can remember staying in a friends house whilst a particularly storm raged. The winds blew, the horizontal rain lashed the windows  and from half a mile away we could hear the surf thundering on the beach. The walls of the house shook and  the howling banshee found every gap in the windows and doors. We were therefore glad when we flew to Sydney to visit another family member. There we found ourselves caught up in the Blue Mountains whilst the worst bush fires for 45 years raged around us. 

Our hotel was full of firefighters drafted in from Queensland and fire trucks were parked on every corner. Shops and schools were all closed as well as many restaurants. After a week of that we ventured back to Sydney and upon visiting Bondi beach were caught up in some exceptionally strong winds and a horrendous sandstorm. Hardly able to see where we were going we found ourselves being evacuated by local guides from our cliff top walk where yours truly was blown over into a wall suffering abrasions and a hurt pride. "Never" said a guide " have we ever had to shut the clifftop walk before". We sort of felt like it was our fault. Maybe some UK weather had sneaked across in our luggage.

Whatever, the Ozzie's were glad to see the back of these particular Pommies and told us so. "Go back and take yer bloody weather with you" they laughed." I hear it's hot and sunny out there now. In the words of Ned Kelly "Such is life".

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