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Lead Balloon TV Presents The Katering Show

The journey of a food intolerant, and an intolerable foodie. Starring Kate McCartney & Kate McLennan

The Katering Show

A proud (food) baby borne from the brains of two of Australia’s fast-rising stars of the comedy world, The Katering Show is a six episode web series that parodies Australia's proud and persistent passion for culinary television.

Kate McCartney (Kath & Kim, Problems) and Kate McLennan (It’s a Date, Comedy Up Late) have whipped up a feast of a series.

Over six episodes, The Katering Show follows McLennan (a horrendously smug foodie) as she tries to teach McCartney (a food-intolerant anti-foodie) how to cook a new dish each week.

McLennan loves to wander around fresh produce markets and smoke her own meats. McCartney, conversely, happily stores her DVDs in the oven. Her disinterest in food is exacerbated by the fact that she has recently been diagnosed with a variety of food intolerances that mean she lives everyday with the risk of a very public accident in her pants.

Together, the pair travel to fresh-produce markets; create a food truck experience (in McLennan’s gutter); quit sugar to control their life expectancy; make home-made food porn (‘which may lack edibility but makes up for it in carcinogens’); road test a Thermomix; embrace the most alluring but problematic cuisine for McCartney’s bowels – Mexican - and provide audiences with fool proof recipes to cope with a family Christmas.

Kate McLennan comments, “At the start of The Katering Show I promised to change McCartney’s life through the power of good food and even better friendship, which was probably a lie, but if I can change the life of one 45-year-old man pretending to be a 13-year-old girl on YouTube then it’s all been worth it.”

Kate McCartney adds, "Before we started The Katering Show I didn't know any foodie terms at all. Now I know that when the 'maître de' offers me an 'umami tasting plate', I want to 'deconstruct' him."

This is MasterChef meets Absolutely Fabulous; lifestyle entertainment cooked up in a pan you thought was simmering until it started spitting hot oil at your eyes!

If you have ever wanted to see the ‘ideal’ dairy and gluten-free gorgonzola tart be flattened by a drunk person wielding a meat tenderizer, then The Katering Show is for you.

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