Louise Vallender went along to represent The Chuckle at the premiere of Let's be Cop's, here she explains a little more about the film.

Cast includes: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev, James D'Arcy, Andy Garcia and Keegan-Michael Key.

Let's be Cops cinema poster

Two roommates – one unemployed, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and the other a struggling video games creator, Justin (Daman Wayans Jr.) - aren't having much luck in love or their careers.

They receive an invite to a school reunion which they wrongly interpret to be a fancy dress party, so they arrive dressed as policemen to what turns out to be a masquerade ball.

After an embarrassing attendance at the party, and with not much to brag about to their old classmates, Ryan and Justin leave early, taking a walk down a street popular for its nightlife. They start getting a lot of female attention thanks to their police costumes and thus begins their escapades as wannabe cops. 

Ryan - living off the pay-packet he made years ago from appearing in an STI advert - hasn't got much going for him, with a self-inflicted drunken injury halting his football career before it started. He gets caught up with the power of what being a cop brings and ends up convincing Justin to continue the charade, who initially is rather apprehensive.

Justin takes a fancy to a waitress, Josie (Nina Dobrev), who hadn't really noticed him up until him arriving in his police uniform, which sparks her interest. However, this restaurant is linked to a gang of mobsters who are trying to gain control of the premises for their murky business interests. 

The fake cop duo end up getting caught up with “investigating” the mobsters after unintentionally convincing a real cop, Segars (Rob Riggle), that they are policemen. What ensues is the uncovering of some shady business and a bent detective, Brolin (Andy Garcia) who's in cahoots with mob boss, Mossi (James D'Arcy). Cue some comedy/action shoot-outs with the bad guys for good measure. 

A nice, easy-watch film with a lot of laughs and some great pure comedy scenes, including one with gangster's associate, Pupa (Keegan-Michael Key), whom Ryan and Justin kidnap and attempt to get to spill the beans using an interesting take on 'water boarding'!  Definitely one for the guys, but enjoyable enough to keep us girls entertained.

Water Boarding Let's be Cop's

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