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A regular on TV and radio panel shows, including 'Mock the Week', 'Argumental', 'Have I Got News For You' and 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks', to name just a few.

Lucy has an easy way with an audience, making them instantly adore her,  a bubbly personality comes to the forefront connecting her to her audience, her views on life have us all nodding along in agreement., she is among the most sought-after comedy writers in Britain 

Lucy Porter

Warning video may contain explicit language 

Interview by Nicky Cook April 2013

Lucy, can you tell the readers what they can expect from you new stand up tour?  

Well, the readers can expect snow as ever time I visit Wales it seems to snow? The show is about friendship, an anecdote of how I met my best friend, Sophie. Along the way I get distracted and go off on a tangent and talk about daytime TV, the Argos website, and my poor, long suffering husband, how he never comes to see me because he says he does not want to know what I am saying about him. The new material is a mixed bag, but hopefully the audience find it fun.

Your husband, Justin Edwards, is also a fantastic professional comic, it must be amazing fun in your household?

There is never a dull moment, but sometimes, like most households, the daily mundane stuff takes over. However, it must be said having the children so young and juggling everything, he is the one that has kept me sane. You know what it’s like, two children under two, it all gets a bit intense and you lose your sense of humour, Justin is able to penetrate that and get me laughing again.

Would you consider working alongside or writing with Justin?

No, is the simple answer! What Justin does is so very different to what I do, there is no crossover as such. We did try writing together and we argued a bit too much. We do try out the occasional gag, but don’t expect a sitcom to be written by the both of us, we will not be the Richard and Judy of comedy! However, the older I am getting, the more tolerant I am or, should I say, just too tired to argue. But it is nice to keep your personnel and Professional lives separate.

Talking of Richard & Judy, I have been asked by a friend to ask you about your time working with them?

Well, I was employed by Richard and Judy to book guests for their ITV evening chat show and it was a very odd experience. I was meant to be booking celebrity guests and I was terrible at my job. It was all about schmoozing people and networking and I am just terrible at that. I did not manage to book any guests, therefore Richard did not think I was any good at my job and, I must say, he was completely right! They wanted really big names. I had worked on chat shows prior, but they were the types of shows where they wanted slightly rubbish guests, so it was fine. It was on the Richard and Judy chat show that I met Faye Dunaway and Goldie Horn, neither of who I had booked, I was just looking after them. Goldie Horn was lovely, she just mucked in and was sitting in the green room chatting and drinking with everyone, she was not starry at all.

You do a lot of work for radio, co-presenting the magazine show What’s So Funny on BBC Radio 4 Extra. For those readers who have not tuned in (how dare they), what is the show about?

That is a show I do with my very good friend, Ed Burn, an Irish actor who I have done a lot of work with. It must be said he is my comedy husband. I like radio as there is a kind of intimacy, more so than TV. I feel when I listen to the radio that they are talking directly to me and nobody else and I like that. Also, the added bonus is you do not have to do your hair and makeup! Although saying that, now they have these webcams everywhere, you are thrust up on the internet not having your hair and makeup done! Still it is better than being thrust all over in high definition. 

You have written for some wonderful stars such as Dames Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Angelina Jolie, does this ever phase you and do you ever get star struck?

To be fair, some of those big names, I just wrote animated versions for. I am more likely to get star struck by presenters on kids TV, I saw Justin Flecture who’s on CBBC that was much more exciting for me than, say, meeting Harrison Ford! It is more about what they mean to you personally. The best one ever, I was on a show and we had Elivis Costello on and I am a life long fan. I went completely to pieces, I was so giddy and he was lovely, he did not disappoint, he was a really funny, nice man. I think you tend to know which personalities are going to be nice to you as I think it is difficult to disguise their true nature. Most people are genuinely nice especially celebrities as they are earning lots of money and have nice lifestyles, so why wouldn’t they be nice? The ones who appreciate how lucky they are, are generally the nicest. I worked wiwith Faye Dunaway who you can just tell is a really interesting person with a slightly odd personality not the easiest person to work with but very memorable. I also did a show with Shane Macgowan of The Pogues once and gosh that was unpredictable! He disappeared just before we were about to start filming, and went off somewhere and got drunk, that kept us on our toes. 

You are very popular at The Fringe, comedy festival in Edinburgh will you be attending this year?

I will indeed, I will be going back to the venue I was in last year called The Stand. I will be doing a show called Northern Soul, which is on at tea time. The show is about the fact that I grew up in the South of England and I have always felt I should have grown up in the North of England, so I have never really known where I belong. It is about travelling around and what places are like. In fact, Wales is mentioned as Justin is of Welsh extraction I refer to him throughout as a Welsh man and even though he was not born in Wales and he hasn’t even spent much time in Wales, in my mind he is a Welsh man (his father is Welsh) and I am a big fan of the Welsh. I have been going up to The Fringe since I was 18 and absolutely love it, however it is a bit of an intense experience but the atmosphere is amazing!

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