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Wales’s very own Mr Rhod Glibert can only be described as a very angry individual, his observations on life’s little annoyances have us all laughing as he manages to say what we only wish we had the nerve to.

Rhod Gilbert

Warning video may contain explicit language 

Interview by Nicky Cook Dec 2013

Hi Rhod, lets kick off with your brand new dvd 'The Man with the Flaming Battenberg Tattoo' released on the 19th November, for those who have not seen the dvd what can they expect? Plenty of me going off my trolley ranting and raving, and all the important stuff like baked potatoes and pin cushions, plus a little bit of mellow stuff, the idea of the story is that I have calmed down a little bit after having the tattoo.

On your immensely funny Work Experience Series you undertake some very strange jobs, are there any jobs you would still like to do?  We have recently had a meeting, and I can announce that we will be filming another series, I think on the next series I will be taking a group of pensioners on a SAGA trip, and I imagine they will be even more disruptive than the penguins in the Zoo episode of Work Experience.  I would love to do more primary school teaching, don’t get me wrong I do not want to be a teacher, as I think it is far to stressful and a down trodden job, but the role of inspiring kids to learn I absolutely love, on the primary school work experience episode, Scott Willams just melted my heart and everyone who watched the show, he’s 4 years old and there is even talk he will soon have his own twitter feed.

Can you tell us what it was like to appear at Royal Variety Performance with stars including Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, Robbie Williams and Kylie to name but a few (to be screened on ITV in December 2012)? This year it was held in the Albert Hall and it is a big echo’y place, I was in there with Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth, Bill Bailey, Ronnie Corbett and Des O’connor it was hilarious all the old boys, they were taking the mick out of Jimmy Tarbuck being the young one and he’s about 74, when you find yourself in that situation you just sit back and enjoy, as you feel very much the new kid on the block even though I’m 44 an10 years in the business, these guys really know what they are talking about, so you just shut up and listen..

We are fast approaching the festive season how and where will you be celebrating Christmas? Carmarthen as always, I meet up with old school friends Christmas eve and we go for a drink, and then Christmas day is spent with the family.  Boxing day we have this bizarre tradition that has been going on for 25 years it started with four of us and we are now up to around 40, we all go down to the beach and play French boules, there are no excuses wind rain snow hangover you have to be there,  it’s tradition.  And I know it will now be a tradition until the day I die.

What are you hoping to find in your stocking this Christmas? My Christmas day is always hilariously disappointing, do you want me to list the Christmas presents I had last year…. A Book full stop that was the grand total, I had nothing off anyone else, a book and that was it.  I have come a long way since running down the stairs to see a pile of presents under the tree………. You have me in tears Rhod, I will have a whip-round for some presents this year.

In our interview with Lloyd Langford, Lloyd made comments regarding you cutting your own hair and also that you have copious amounts of nasal hair, do you have anything to say back to Lloyd? I have looked after that boy for the last 10 years, ask him when he last paid me rent, because I can tell you it was February, I have it written down.  All the time I have known him he has had this absurd piece of rat sticking out of the top of his tee shirt, and it is only thanks to me that he has started to trim it, I brought him into the 1990’s, and sporting that beard he is desperately trying to look more than eight years old, but it only makes him look like an eight year old with a beard. 


You have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic comedians and on some brilliant shows, who and what show did you enjoy the most? Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford are my best mates and I really love working with them, I would love to do more and will do more with these guys we just need to find something that we can work on, the BBC want us to do something, I would like to do an adventure comedy type of show, a comedy with an India Jones hat type of thing, something like I did with Greg on World's Most Dangerous Roads where we drove across Nepal in a 4x4  I absolutely loved that.

When you finish your grueling tour in December, what will be next for Rhod? Time off, I will be taking a few weeks off, I have done around 130 dates in 8 months it’s been a big tour, I am finishing up with 2 nights in the Motorpoint in Cardiff which are sold out, which is lovely and that’s about it, I have booked a few days holiday after the Motorpoint in the Brecon Beacons.   I am a man of my word you see as I have done the adverts for Wales, I almost always take my holidays in Wales, spending time in Mumbles and beautiful places like that. 

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