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Born March 7th in Epping the county of Essex, England, Rik was the true alternative style comedian, I remember my father banning me watching the Young Ones in 1982 as a 13 year old he did not think it suitable viewing and thought that the cast were glorifying thuggery, I would sneak downstairs if they went out to watch it with my older brother and sister.

Rik went on to do Filthy Rich & Cat flap (1987), The New Statesman (1987–94), Bottom (1991–95), and Blackadder, and in the comedy films Drop Dead Fred (1991) and Guest House Paradiso (1999).

My personal favorite was Bottom which saw Rik team up once again with Ade Edmondson in this hysterical sitcom, about two lads Eddie and Richie who were on the dole and living in Hammersmith, and everything seemed to go wrong for poor old Richie (Rik). 

Rik you brought us a style of humour never before seen and will never be forgotten we thank you.

"After my quad-bike accident I was dead for five days. Jesus was only dead for three, so I beat him" Rik Mayall

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