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“my nose is bleeding as I write this, I’ve had a twitch in my eye for nearly three weeks and I have recurring anxiety dreams in which I accidentally kill other people’s children. But I am just enjoying all that, in a masochistic ‘it’s good to feel alive’ genius kind of way” Sara Pasco for The Independent

Sara Pascoe

Stand up comedienne Sara Pasco has become a household name through shows such as Live at the Apollo, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock the Week and TV sitcoms Making News Coco Lomax and many more.  Sara has been performing stand up since 2007 and delighting audiences across the country with her intellectual girl next door approach, Sara took some time out prior to starting her new tour to speak to the Chuckle.

You’re touring with your new stand up show Sara V’s History, an intriguing title can you give our readers a little insight?

It's a comedy show obviously, but I talk a lot about how we are influenced by the past, especially in relationships. We are affected by our own romantic history, our parents' relationship and also our evolution as men and women. How monogamy/pair bonding has ensured the survival of our species is so interesting!

Your TV acting roles include Campus, Todd Margaret, Free Agents (C4), Twenty Twelve, The Thick of It and Being Human (BBC) what was the most fun to do?

All fun for different reasons. I was a huge fan of The Thick of It before I did it, so working with that incredible cast was an honour I will always be grateful for. And Twenty Twelve also had a cast full of people I idolise and Jessica Hynes makes me laugh so much that job was a joy. In Todd Margaret my character was AWFUL and looked gross. They painted dark roots on my hair and asked me not to shave my legs or arm pits, so that was great!! And in Being Human I was a ghost!

You were recently on Mock the Week where you told Dara that you were after his seat, if you were in the hot seat so to speak which comedians would you have on and who would be your team captains?

Oooh if I had the choice, Josie Long and Bridget Christie would be my captains, then James Acaster and Josh Widdecombe and Aisling Bea and Katherine Ryan. Dream team!

I read that you were more nervous doing Mock the Week than your own stand up shows why was this?

It's a terrifying format, you are under prepared and suddenly talking about the news and events that I don't feel confident talking about. I am so worried about saying something stupid or accidentally offending anyone.

You are an extremely busy lady acting, writing, stand up, comedy appearances, and to top it off you also run your own comedy club The House Of Mirth, how on earth do you fit it all in, and if there were more hours in the day is there anything else you would love to do?

Ah I don't actually run that gig anymore because I got too busy, I run a new material night in Camden instead, which is great for running in jokes for my next show. My next project is writing a book. I am more excited about that than anything else ever!!

Many thanks for chatting with us Sara, good luck with the new tour and your book.

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