Circomedia students run away to Newport on the 11th March:

‘That Was Fun’

This company of 11 emerging artists from all over the world trained under the same roof in Bristol for three years—spinning, flying, catching and hanging upside down, or rather, falling, dropping and getting back up again. Either way, it was fun.

Circomedia show

The Circomedians combine different theatre forms with traditional circus disciplines to create fresh and exciting performances. Join them for an evening of cabaret-style entertainment and a lot of laughs as they wave goodbye to their time in training before venturing into the wide world.

In the show, audiences will be delighted by these budding artists whose skills include juggling, aerial hoop, silks and comedy theatre.

The show has been developed at Circomedia Centre for Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre and is on tour in Wales and southern England in February and March.

Suitable for ages 14+

Tour Dates

5th Februrary: Bristol
Circomedia Portland Square
0117 924 7615

12th February: Neath, Wales
Gwyn Hall
0300 365 6677

4th March London
Jackson’s Lane
0208 341 4421

11th March Newport, Wales
The Riverfront
0163 365 6757

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