Twas the first week of Christmas and my true love said to me “can’t find nothing good to watch on the TV”.

Have you noticed how just before Christmas the quality of TV programmes drops dramatically! if it is possible to reduce the quality.

I know that we have always had to put up with reruns of programmes but at least in the past they waited a decent amount of time before showing the programmes again, think the Wizard of Oz and Christmas and you know what I am talking about, but honestly now they repeat programmes in the same week, what’s all that about? especially now we all have catch up, and the ability to remotely record from our iphones, ipads, watches or toasters (ok not the toaster yet, but it's coming mark my words) with the amount of licence fee we pay you would think they could come up with something a little better than Eastenders three times a day (sorry if you’re a fan).

Talking of soaps have you noticed how there seems to be a theme running in all the soaps, for instance if one person is up at 3 in the morning then the whole street is up, and if they want a coffee they go out of their house walk four steps to pay for it in the local café, where I may add half the street are also frequenting, they all go to the pub every lunchtime and evening, how do these people earn the money to pay for these things, and who is looking after the kids? There again the Queen Vic and Woolpack are always taking staff on due to the evening and lunchtime rush, Parliament should be thanking these for keeping the unemployment rate in check.

Coming up to Christmas they all have the token pregnant woman, the secret affair and a threat of a long lost secret being exposed, all this usually culminates in a plane, train, car crash or fire or all or the aforementioned, this is the writers way of spreading Christmas joy while slimming down the budget by halving the cast for the lean months of January and February, with this in mind I think the Wizard of Oz might not be so bad after all.

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