junk inspace

With the weather feeling more like August I got to thinking maybe they are onto something with this global warming business, but are we really to blame I mean I am not sending bits of junk up into space, you would think that after ruining one planet that would be enough but it seems not, it will be looking like a scrap yard up there the way they are going and forgive me but they talk about comets hurtling down on us from space and then they go and send up two tone Jonny 5 unmanned! Have they not considered what goes up must come down, I really do not need to know what if any life exists on Mars, we have all the aliens we need in our local.

As for space travel they could not pay me to go up there I have seen Extant with Halle Berry and Alien no thank you space is not for me, when the scientists go on about life on other planets while I am no so ignorant to believe we are the only ones in this vast universe I do think that any other life forms out there have already taken a look at our home and the state of it and have done everything in their power to make sure we never find them.

I watched a documentary recently where boffins have decided to send more crap into space in the form of a time capsule called Keo the hollow sphere 80 cm in diameter, and will sport a pair of wings 10 meters across that will aid in its spotting from Earth, so they really plan on infinity and beyond, they hope this will be picked up by other life forms, if they can see the capsule from Earth surely if any aliens were in the immediate vicinity they would have seen them?

After a few years delay it is planed for launch in 2015 one of the items it contains is an encyclopaedic compendium of current human knowledge, are we really so ignorant to think that other life forms will speak and read English, and that they will be remotely interested in what we have done.

They also state that anyone can contribute to the capsule, it makes the mind boggle to think what other crap this thing will hold, I asked this question at our local and so far they have come up with a pack of cigarettes which was soon reduced to just two, a can of beer, a cold play album and four politicians, I must say I agree with the latter.

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