Sick Parrot

Why is it so hard to get a job, the government say unemployment is down, there is a lack of skilled people for job openings yet after filling in enough application forms to wallpaper Buck palace I have only managed to land 4 interviews, two of which I have passed the interview stage but still waiting for a start date, one I totally went to pieces so that one was a no go and the forth they seemed really interested told me they would let me know by Monday, when Monday came they rang to say there had been a hold up and they would let me know the following day and yes you guessed it I am still waiting to hear three days later.

I mean it’s just polite to reply to someone who has spent hours toiling over an application form and spent time and money attending an interview, you would think the least an employer could do would be to have the courtesy to say thanks but no thanks especially since they have all the information they need to contact you.

I filled in one application that was in three parts 16 sheets 15 questions where they wanted a minimum of 400 words per answer and not so much as a thank you, on every application form I have filled in they ask about customer service skills, yet they do not seem to have anyone in their employment with these skills otherwise they would respond to candidates, because as well as being candidates we are also potential customers.

 I despair at Britain’s total lack to communicate with people and the sheer rudeness adopted by businesses today and I here promise if and when I finally get/start a job I will do my bit to address these issues.

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