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On the forth week of Christmas my true love said to me, two vodka slammers, four whisky chasers, six southern comforts and please pass the sick bucket quick. 

Why do we inflict this amount of abuse on our bodies every Christmas? 

Eating combinations of food that at any other time of year you would never in your wildest dreams think of putting together, never mind put in your mouth, dipping giant chocolate buttons into tea, followed by a cocktail of Ferrero Rocher, quality street, and orange matchmakers, a main course of seven different cheeses on seven different biscuits and crackers, and for dessert, cheese cake with a mince pie or two, ice-cream and cream.  

Mulled wine, spiced rum and brandy adds to the journey of doom for ones head and stomach until you hit that wall on New Years day and utter those immortal words, ‘never again’ this leads to those other immortal words ‘this year I am going to loose weight and get fit! But first I must finish off all the chocolate’. 

Your intentions to get fit and loose weight are just those and you know there is a high possibility this will not happen, especially as you have enough chocolate left over to last you well into Easter when it will all start again, but the thought of changing things gives you a little lift and for the four seconds you spend thinking about it, those are four seconds you are not filling your mouth with the poison that is chocolate.

New Year, new start, we all hope we can live a healthy, happy, life spend more time with loved ones, catch up with old friends, enjoy our free time doing things we love, and try to do our bit to make this world we live in, just a little better. 

So in the scale of things dipping giant chocolate buttons into tea is not so bad after all, so I’m off to open another bag, cheers.

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